a wash day routine your 4C hair needs

it’s wash dayyyy and we’re ready to have a balllll!





imagine how much healthier your 4C hair could be if you showed a lil love for wash day. seriously, sis: we need to start treating wash day as a celebration rather than a chore.

we’re switching up the narrative around wash day. it’s an event, it’s a party, it’s a whole mood...and we’re going to make sure you treat it that way for you and your 4C hair!

here’s how to set the scene for your new and improved wash day

music for ya mane



good tunes always make any task a lil bit easier, don't they?

PLUS, you can lowkey use a playlist to keep yourself on schedule while you’re cleansing your coils. because honestly, who has the time to be up in the shower all day…

need a few songs to start your wash day playlist? we got you, fren: 

  • “don’t touch my hair” x solange 
  • “i am not my hair” x india aerie
  • “shea butter baby” x ari lennox
  • “good days” x sza

decor galore

dress it up and make it real pretty!

it’s likely that you spend a whole lotta time in your bathroom dollin’ up your kinks and coils. you might as well make sure that your bathroom is just as poppin’ as your 4C hair!


    wash day staples

    you already know what we’re reaching for: our too easy collection!



    wash day is toooo easy when you use these goodies: 

    • too clean shampoo: what’s a better product to use to get your kinks so fresh and so clean (sooo fresh and so clean, clean)? we’ll wait!
    • too thicke deep conditioner: girl, ya thicker than a jar of 4C ONLY’s deep conditioner! just a lil sip of this will quench your kink’s thirst
    • too soft leave-in conditioner: why mess around with a leave-out when you can just leave it in?? keep it soft and keep it cute, fren!
    • too slick styling cream: it’s time you let a real one hold you down. we’re right here, sis.

    there you have it, fren! we hope you use this guide to create a dreamy wash day that you and your kinks will be looking forward to.

    how are you setting the tone for your wash day? get us hip in the comments:

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