4 Ways Every 4C Girlie Must Use Oils For Hair Growth

Alright, let's talk: 4C hair growth! With so much noise on the innanets, it can be tough to really get to the real deal about using oils and serums effectively. 

 But don't worry, we've got your back!

 We've assembled a cute lil’ list on how to add oils into your routine for long moisturized 4C kinks. 

Hot Oil Treatments: 

Think of this as a spa day for your curls. Mix up an oil or serum blend (a minty one for a tingle is a bonus), warm it, and massage into your scalp. 

Shower cap it up for about 30 minutes, and boom baby! The heat opens your hair cuticles, allowing the oil to penetrate and hydrate. 

But why is it important to open up those cuticles you ask?

Well, simply because anything that sits on top of your hair is going to block moisture pretty much making it impossible to allow anything inside, and that ultimately leads to dryness!

& we don’t want that at all!

For best results, plan a hot oil treatment every other week at the least!

Moisture Sealant:

Between wash days, our 4c kinks might need some extra TLC. 

 A DIY hair refresher can be a game-changer here. Fill a spray bottle with water, add a few drops of oil/serum, shake, and spray! 

This DIY moisture sealant is your low maintenance secret weapon for hydrating thirsty coils and keeping your style fresh. 

Use it once or twice as needed between wash days.

Scalp Massages:

Your scalp is where the magic begins. So you’ve gotta show it some love and massage that thang.

  You see, massaging it with oil boosts blood flow, meaning more oxygen and nutrients reach your hair follicles. 

 And the result? Stronger, healthier coils that just keep growing. Plus, it's a stress reliever! 

 So oil up those fingertips and give your scalp a well deserved massaging sensation for hair growth motivation!

Try to squeeze in a daily 5-minute massage in the AM and the PM if you can.

Pre Poo:

Oooh this one is a goodie! Oils/Serums in your pre-poo routine help detangle knots, add a protective layer during shampooing, and enhance moisture lock-in. 

Make it a staple in your wash routine to avoid breakage and improve manageability.

Add this in every time you wash honestly, can’t really lose when it comes to an easier detangling process right?

Well that's it yall, that's the list told ya it was cute and little!


Just remember, oils/serums are amazing for hair growth, but they're not a substitute for a solid hair care routine. 

Make sure you’ve got a quality wash day routine going with products specifically formulated for 4C hair to achieve healthy growth. 

 Don’t worry, you've got this!

 Let us know how you're using oils in your routine or which one you're planning to try. We're all ears!

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