starting your 4C natural hair journey? you need these products!

so you decide to go natural...and we couldn’t be any happier fren!



first of all, shout out to you. we know that this wasn’t an easy choice to make. going natural is already one thing; but going natural as a 4C honey? whew, baby...that’s strength.


even though you’re definitely as strong as your strands, we’re not going to let you go through this hair journey alone! as a Black-owned haircare brand that caters exclusively to women (and men!) with glorious 4C hair, we know that having a community that cherishes your coils makes a huge difference. 



that’s why we’re here to drop some major gems on how to embrace your 4C hair: starting with some essential staples you need to add to your collection of goodies! 


let’s get into this list: 

oil and/or serum 

gotta have it: Pure Regrowth Serum 



4C hair gets a lot of hate for being “dry”, and to be honest...there’s a lil bit of truth to that! really, 4C hair just has a tougher time retaining moisture, so hydrating our thirsty kinks is a very big deal.


now, let’s get this straight right off the bat: oil itself will not moisturize your coils. slathering your 4C hair in coconut or jojoba oil will not keep you moisturized for the revolution. 



however, oil will help you retain moisture!


oil acts as a sealant, so it literally keeps moisture (from water or a moisturizer, like a leave-in conditioner) nice and sealed in your strands. using an oil as the last step of your moisturizing process will keep your kinks feeling juicy!


(plus, you can also use oil as a pre-poo treatment! pre-poo’s are used to give your kinks a cleansing right before you actually shampoo.)


deep conditioner

gotta have it: too thicke deep conditioner



when it comes to natural 4C hair, words that start with a “d” are usually trash: damage, dry, dull...all disasters. 


but then there’s one d-word that gives us a sense of delight and a taste of deliciousness: deep conditioner!


there’s a million reasons to rock heavy with deep conditioner. we’ll drop a few: 

  • keeps your kinks juicy 
  • keeps your kinks nourished and healthy 
  • keeps your strands safe from possible damage 



deep conditioning is a major key in achieving hair health! by doing so often (every two weeks), your 4C hair journey will go a lot smoother. 


styling cream

gotta have it: too slick styling cream  


your kinks deserve definition, fren. be sure to give it to them!


by having the right coil-defining cream on your side, all of your hairstyles are definitely going to be on and poppin’!


a moisturizing, yet enhancing, cream is one of the last finishing touches for a successful wash day. don’t leave ya kinks behind, sis.



there you have it, fren! these 3 products will set you (and ya kinks!) up for a happy and healthy hair journey.

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