got 4C hair? here's the ultimate guide to deep conditioning

when it comes to taking care of 4C hair, we always hear naturalistas and brands shout this one particular hair care treatment: deep condition.


that sounds nice and all, but what exactly is a deep conditioner? what makes it different from a regular conditioner? why is it so important??



you got questions; we got answers! 


come kick it with us as we dive into deep conditioning: 


so, what is deep conditioning??


deep conditioning is that girl. deep conditioners are full of essential ingredients, such as protein and amino acids, that penetrate your hair strands waaaay more than a regular ole conditioner. 


okay but what are the benefits of deep conditioning?


deep conditioners can do a lot for you and your kinks, fren! whether it’s a broken coil or a broken heart, deep conditioners get into the thick of it and smooth out your tresses and stresses.


think of deep conditioners as the best fren every 4C honey needs. she comes in every now and then and reminds you of who you are by adding joy and moisture to your life. deep conditioning helps to reaffirm this priceless gem: your 4C hair is gorgeous, and it’s worthy of the sweetest care. 



a few deep conditioning benefits include: 

  • gives your kinks and coils major moisture 
  • helps prevent any damage and related dangers to your strands
  • restores natural shine to your coils (shining, shining, shining, shining yeaaah)
  • helps provide a healthy balance of protein and moisture (aka elasticity)

wait, so how can i make a deep conditioner for my 4C hair?


honey, the good news is that you don’t have to worry bout alladat! unless you’re a DIY queen who loves the craft, we have the perf deep conditioner for you: too thicke.


our too thicke deep conditioner, infused with special ingredients such as organic grapeseed oil and squalene, provides a deep delightful moisture to your kinks. plus, when it’s time to sort out tangles and tumbles in your tresses, it provides a slip that makes wash day a breeze!



one of our frens had this to say: 



sold on letting our too thicke deep conditioner soothe your strands? welcome to the revolution, 4C honey!

bet, i’m game. how do i apply a deep conditioner?


giving yourself a deep conditioning treatment is as smooth-sailing as our too easy collection. here’s how to use a deep conditioner on 4C hair: 


first things first: wash your hair. we need your coils to be so fresh and so clean before you can drench them in magic! (softly) scrub your strands with the too clean shampoo to create the perfect slate of kinks.


next, carefully coat the deep conditioner onto your coils. work in sections to make sure that you’re covering every strand! 



(p.s. we know the deep conditioner is going to feel absolutely lovely, but don’t go crazy and put too much dip on ya chip! there is such thing as over-moisture, generous but not that generous)


now it’s time to let that juicy conditioner seep into your strands! cover your kinks with a plastic cap (or a plastic bag, no judgment over here!) and chill out for a good 10 to 15 minutes. while you’re letting your deep conditioner soak, you can: 

  • read a chapter from your fav book 
  • apply a face mask 
  • watch some 4C hair tutorials 



after spending some “4C and me” time, now you need to wash that man right outta ya hair...or whatever Auntie Diana said. hop back in the shower and rinse all of the conditioner out of your kinks.


to seal the deal on this sweet deep conditioning treatment, follow up by applying our too soft leave-in conditioner and too slick styling cream.


our too soft leave-in conditioner will keep your coils feeling as cool as the other side of the pillow, and the too slick styling cream will be there to take your twist-out (or braid-out) to the next level.



this sounds bomb! how often should i deep condition my 4C hair?


as much as you’d like to enjoy an enhancing deep conditioning treatment as often as you can, we gotta set some boundaries. as long as you’re not doing it daily, it’s safe to bless your strands weekly or biweekly!


(depending on your 4C hair health, you’ll know when it needs a dose of this extra moisture.)


whew. that wasn’t so tough, right? you’re more than ready to give your kinks and coils a delicious deep conditioning treatment.


how long have you been hip to deep conditioning? what are some of your tips to make your treatment more enhancing? let us know down below:

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