got dry 4C hair? you need these essential ingredients!

we’ll get right to it: nobody likes anything dry.

dry texts, dry vibes, dry get what we mean. but as a 4C honey, we especially can’t stand dry hair. 



if you have 4C hair, you know the ultimate struggle of keeping our hair moisturized. it’s like our strands are always begging and pleading for hydration, no matter how many times (nor how many products!) we give them a well-deserved drench.

got thirsty kinks? we have the golden list of must-have ingredients to hydrate your dry 4C hair! come take a sip, fren: 

grapeseed oil


you trynna feel silky? you trynna feel oh-so smooth? this lightweight oil (extracted from grape seeds) is a light as a feather but leaves a beautiful impact on your coils!

not only does this oil seal in moisture and hydrates your kinks without being heavy-heavy, but it also adds a lovely shine to your strands. shine on, fren.

featured in: too thicke deep conditioner


slippery elm extract 



need that slip-slip to add to your drip-drippin’ coils? we got you right here!

slippery elm extract (found in the slippery elm tree) is known around the block for its incredible healing properties! not only does it make you feel good on the inside, it greatly benefits your hair on the outside.

this magic provides a slip that makes detangling as easy and breezy as (our new and improved) wash day. when combined with a splash of water, it really gets into your strands to get an incredible slip.


featured in: too soft leave-in conditioner


hemp seed oil

what can we say...we do enjoy the occasional cannabis *wink wink*



seriously, fren: hemp seed oil is a wholesome ingredient that our 4C hair can’t get enough of! extracted from the cannabis plant (without that special umph to make us feel a typa way…), hemp seed oil is full of amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that nourish our scalp.

plus, it’s full of protein, which helps protect your kinks against hair damage and loss!



hemp seed oil also encourages our strands to grow, and you know we’re always looking for some more growth to help get our glow on. 

so many benefits come from this special oil, all while keeping our coils nice and hydrated. this is a high that your 4C hair will always be craving, fren.



featured in: too slick styling cream

aloe vera extract


sis, take a moment to picture your crown of coils as a garden. in that garden, you’ll definitely want to have this phenomenal plant rooted in it!

aloe vera extract hails from the aloe vera plant, aka the plant of miracles. there is nothing this plant can’t do. just look at the material: 

  • healing and anti-flammatory properties 
  • cooling to the touch 
  • cleanses, clears, and repairs the skin 

...we haven’t even touched on what it does for our kinks!



aloe vera extract is a humectant. that means it helps your hair and scalp retain and preserve moisture. it helps to keep your kinks nice and juicy, juicy.

featured in: too clean shampoo

next time you’re out shopping for your 4C hair, be sure to keep an eye out for these featured ingredients! your kinks will be drenched with moisture, and your heart will be as full as your crown. 

is there an ingredient that you love to use to hydrate your kinks and coils? get us hip and drop them in the comments below!

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