4 Halloween costumes perfect for 4C hair

oop...you ready fren? Halloween is right around the corner! 

we know you’ve been scaring yourself (but not your strands, we hope!) with our 4C ONLY natural hair horror stories, but let’s take a break from the creepiness and step into some creativity. 



if we know there’s one thing about us 4C hair girls, we know that we def show up and show out during spooky season! 

with killer looks and even more killer kinks, we step deep into our costume bag every year! if you’ve been lackin’ in your planning...it’s okay, fren. we got you and your coils covered!

get into these BOMB outfits that show off your crazy creative skills and your gorgeous 4C hair:

(before we start, make sure to keep your kinks funky fresh for all of these fits by getting them right with the too easy collection beforehand!)



throwback baddie 

every now and then...we can’t help but to throw it back. soul train line, anyone?

we love a good throwback, let it be a 2000’s themed-party or a 90s’ inspired look. but let’s get into an era that has always been too groovy and too cute: 70s’!



boogie down to the store and collect a super cute and colorful one-piece or two-piece (with a fresh pair of white boots!)  to pull off your throwback look. 

hex girl

nah...these icons from the famous Scooby Doo flick were not your average witches. 

  1. they were cool as can be 
  2. they were talented and artful 
  3. they looked GOOOOODT

yeah...we been fans!

the hex girls are have their own twist on what a classic witch looks like, and with your 4C kinks and coils that defy gravity, you’ll be giving your own flare to this sexy and spooky look.

pro tip: pick up some cute hair charms or beads to add into your 4C hair for a mystic lewk!

susie carmichael 

“well my name is susieeeee, and 4C ONLY thinks i love em…”

we’re kidding, frens. we know you love us!



one the oldest and cutest Black cartoon characters, Susie is always an adorable look! not only was she a total cutie to look at, but she was super smart! gotta love a girl who has it all.

to embody susie as your own, we suggest you either transform your kinks into bantu knots, large Marley twists, or knotless box braids. the choice is yours, fren!

black panther

not the superhero, fren. even though these legends are pretty heroic…

dressing up as a blank panther would be bomb for 2 very good reasons: 

  1. you’re paying homage to our icons and legends who put up one helluva fight for our livelihood, culture, and wellness
  2. you’ll look insanely cool in an-all black, no-nonsense fit with some bomb shades


all you need for this fit is some stylish Black clothes and accessories, fierce and flourishing kinks, and the spirit of the (moisturized revolution) within you!



we hope some of these looks inspire you to get fresh this Halloween szn! let us which lewks you’ll be pulling off in the comments:

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