loving the undefined: embracing your TWA transformation with love

weak, brittle, & dry hair doesn’t look good & it doesn’t make you feel good either. 

for our 4C fren Christa, going natural was better than the alternative (relaxed, dry hair)

and WE AGREE! 

there is sense of relief & peace you get when you are able to show up places feeling confident in how you look. 

and doing the BIG CHOP is where your new sense of confidence can be found. 

imagine pulling up to an event with your short cut, defined kinks, & confidence on 10! if you’ve been thinking about chopping all that damage off… THIS IS YOUR SIGN!



“I shave off my hair once a year … I love the TWA look on me.”

we are here to tell you that you can rock a TWA (teeny weeny afro) for the rest of ya life. having length isn’t necessary to be a natural girl. 

when you keep your hair cut short you don’t have to spend extra time trying to manage your kinks. 

short cut = more time outside, less time styling! 

and we love to see it. 

“Huge correlation between loving yourself and loving your hair”

when you love your hair, you are loving a piece of yourself. our kinks and coils grow naturally from our head. in some ways they are a reflection of who we are. 


we are bold. unique. and gravity-defying in our own way. so this is a reminder to love on your hair. take care of your hair. because when you do, you’re loving on yourself!

“I actively followed dark skin 4C women… women rocking the bald look.”

what your social media feed looks like daily is important. a key to embracing your kinks is following others who are doing it too!

follow women trying different hair styles & rockin’ their fro anywhere they go. this helps to build up your confidence + give you style inspo. 


take a look at Christa’s  journey of learning to love her hair & TWA:


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