Protecting Our Kinks Through History

protective styles protect our peace, our kinks, and sometimes our edges too! they are not underrated. they are greatly appreciated. the luxury of not doing your hair is not one we take lightly.

so we have to take a second to thank our ancestors and sisters who came up with these miraculous styles. from box braids to Senegalese twists, let’s get into this side of black history! 


knotless braids or box braids? a war that’s going down in history, but did you know the big difference between the two?

box braids, we need ‘em! did you know they’ve been around since 3,500 B.C. & they originate from South Africa? according to the text books, only women with wealth could once afford the luxury of wearing box braids.

because it takes so much time it costs to wear the crown! so next time you pay that premium price for box braids, know that you’re wearing a crown! keep that protective style longer with our Protective Style Bundle!

box braids walked so knotless braids could run, & sis took off! knotless braids took their claim to fame in the early 2000s,  and now we can’t turn a corner without seeing them! love that for us! 


locs. locs. locs.  we love to see ‘em! are you one of our sister’s with locs? sis, stand up! there’s a new loc gel coming to town. join the group chat and stay ready for the drop. text kinky to 90296. try our edge control while you wait!

did y’all know that locs actually started in Africa and not Jamaica? who would have thought it!? well it makes sense because they have been seen in the pyramids of Egypt and even discovered in tombs too. talk about a protective style that even protects you in the after life.

in some places, locs have been worn to tell a woman’s marital status and age. what does your locs say about you? what do you want the world to know about your loc journey? let us know. we want to hear it! 

if you can’t commit to the loc life, you know faux locs have you covered, sis! & the Too Soothing Mint Serum will have your scalp prepped and ready!  keep it protected with the Protective Style Bundle too!


the original classic. cornrows. please take a seat. it’s your time to shine. let’s give you your flowers too!

the first braid many of us have learned to do was the cornrow, and this style of braiding has been around since 3000 B.C. from the lands of Africa. yes, the ancestors have been guiding your hands for a very long time.

cornrows have been also been worn as a status symbol for class, family, marriage status etc. in some places in Africa, this stands true to this day.

what do your cornrows say about you? or are you only wearing them under a wig or prepping for that fresh braid out? side eye if you’ve turned your back to the classic cornrow. either way, make sure to keep your kinks moisturized with the Too Soft Leave-in Conditioner! 

rather you’re rocking knotless braids, box braids, cornrows, or locs, know that you’re rocking a piece of history on your head. the way you style your braids is black history! the ancestors run deep in these 4C ONLY streets! 

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