The Emancipation of Black Hair

hey fren! have you ever felt held hostage by your kinks? are you scared to get braids because you're afraid to lose your edges? are you scared to try a bantu knot out because it won’t come out “right”? Or are you afraid to get that trim you know you need because it'll cut the length of your hair? 


if you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time for you to release those shackles holding you and your hair back from greatness. because guess what? those edges will grow back! heat damage cane be corrected, and most certainly your hair will gain that length back
it's time for a switch up, and we know you are itching to change something with your hair!  take that leap of faith sis  and become emancipated from the things that have your kinks in a chokehold.
Step outside of the box and be a switch up queen! 
Need some inspo? we got you, fren!

Here are a couple of hair styles that will have you liberated and feeling free

the big chop

we don't mean to be dramatic, but sometimes it's just time to start over. let’s be real. sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, and sometimes we need to release our kinks and water our new garden. we heard that hair holds energy, and sometimes we just need a fresh start! plus, a new low cut for the season is a vibe!



knotless braids

who hasn't rocked knotless braids in the last few years? they're so popular, and if you haven't tried them…. you're late and it's time! it's giving length, they're not heavy, and it's less tension on your hair at the roots! your neck won't hurt with the knotless braids, fren! we’re giving knotless braids the green light! 




4C ONLY Spring More Moisture


you know we couldn't give you all these hairstyles, and leave out our beloved twistout and fro combo! it's always going to be the fro for us, but the best thing about being a 4C queen is your ability to be versatile! from fros to braids, the too easy collection will keep your kinks protected as a switch up queen! 
& don’t forget some of our favorite hairstyles like the infamous bantu knots, half up-half down, and the pineapple! we love all the changes because the too easy collection has her back through all of her many hairstyle changes! 
And while you are stepping outside the box remember to rock these new styles with confidence. Own your crown and wear it boldly.
Be free to be who you are.
which new style have you been wanting to try fren?

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