7 Reasons Your Twist-out is Failing

hey frens, we know that your natural hair journey isn't always easy, especially for us 4C girls - and perfecting your twist out seems to be that one hairstyle that can be the bane of our frustration. 

we tend to ask ourselves what we did wrong... was it too much product we used? did we not thoroughly detangled our hair? or did our bonnet slip sis?
the struggle is real, but knowing where things went left is how to get you back on track. we got your back.
here are some mistakes we’ve all made that didn’t get us the results we were looking for:

#1 you don’t have the right product

your coils deserve care and it starts with having the right product. you can’t just put anything on your crown. get yourself some hydrating products that will moisturize your kinks and keep them juicy. our go-to for twist-outs is the Too Easy Collection, it never fails us. it's just too easy fren, don't sleep.

#2 it’s time for a trim

sometimes you have to let that dead and damaged hair go, fren! a good trim is great for your hair health and twist-out. say goodbye to uneven hair and split ends. that good spiral coil at the end of your twists are essential for a successful twist-out.

#3 your hair is not dry 

we know you're excited for the take down of your twists, but sis completely dry hair is essential to having a bomb twist-out! do not untwist unless your hair is dry.
we recommend keeping your twist in a day or maybe even two, to make sure that your hair is completely dry. you can also use to dryer to expedite drying time. 
defined twist out

#4 stop over-fluffing or separating 

we love definition, but you can lose it when you over-fluff and separate your hair. keep the frizz to a minimum by using a pick and oil when separating.

defined twist out

#5 use smaller sections and twists

you can’t achieve an ulra defined twist-out, with only 5 twists fren! you may need to make smaller twist sections to give you a more defined twist-out that lasts!

#6 protect your kinks fren

in order to get the best results fren please protect your kinks and coils. your bestfren will be your satin scarf or bonnet once your hair is in re-twists, a pineapple, scrunchies, or however you like to preserve your twis-out. 
protecting your hair at night is essential in maintaining your kinks and coils while you’re gettin' your beauty sleep at night. 

#7 you need a 4C fren

sometimes you just need a fren to help you out. that’s why we have our Facebook community of wonderful 4C honeys that spill the tea on all the 4C magic. connect with us on Facebook and join the groupchat to get all info about our next 4C ONLY Kinks Course
4c sisterhood

be honest fren, which of these reasons have you been guilty of for your best twist-out?

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