protective styles for 4C hair: everything you need to know!

Black women and our Black hair deserve to be protected. period.

protective styles mean more than just the literal protection of our natural hair. that’s important, of course, but there’s so much more being protected:

  • our peace of mind 
  • our time
  • our natural hair from being scrutinized and shamed for just existing



however you may feel about protective styles, you can’t front like they don’t play a huge role in Black hair. especially when it comes to 4C hair!

ready to get hip on protective styles? come in and come thru, frens: 

benefits of protective styling 

save ya time and save ya energy. although it may take a lil while to install your protective style, once it’s’re in! wave goodbye to Wash + Go’s and say “wassup!” to Wake + Go! with your protective style in, you don’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out how to style your kinks on the daily basis.

helps prevent damage. no manipulation = no problems! with your 4C hair tucked away, untouched and unbothered, you’re giving it the time to rest and just exist in all its natural glory. you know how we always tell other folks to “don’t touch our hair?” well...this applies to yourself sometimes too! keeping those fingers out of your coils, sis.

maintains ya moisture. hold on, honey: help is here to stay! as a 4C hair natural, we know how important it is to hold on to moisture. it’s pretty much the number one factor that keeps our kinks and coils flourishing and blossoming. protective styles help you maintain the moisture in your strands by shielding them from ex-factors, such as unpredictable weather.



how to prep 4C hair for protective styling 

 step 1: cleanse your hair by giving your strands a good wash. clean hair is the starting point for the ultimate care!

step 2: give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. deep conditioners nourish your kinks and coils by drenching them with essential moisture.

step 3: follow up with more moisture by applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair. 

step 4: before you begin to add in hair for your protective style, apply a styling cream to your hair. this will help keep your strands looking sleek and shiny while the protective style is being installed.

protective styles for 4C hair

box braids

a classic that will always be in style foreva-eva, foreva-eva.



Marley twists 

don’t get it twisted...unless you’re talking about Marley twists! lightweight and lovely, this is a care-free look that we deserve to show off.



bantu knots 

close to our coils, close to our culture...close to our heart! name a cuter style to pay homage to our roots...we’ll wait.



faux locs

fake it til ya make it, right?  we all know there’s nothin’ like the real thing baby...but in this case, this style is pretty close!



hair care routine after protective styling

first things first: don’t keep your protective style in for too long! remember, they’re here for a good time (and a good look!)...not a long time.

as important as it is to let your hair rest, it’s equally important that your hair isn’t being contained for too long. it’s gonna need fresh air, fren: don’t suffocate your strands trying to look cute!



after you take down your protective style, it’s time to give your kinks a major cleansing

a good shampoo has never hurt any coil, and with all the build-up that’s been produced over the period of your cute style, it’s essential to scrub those strands down.

afterwards, follow up with a nourishing deep conditioner to restore your 4C hair’s health! even though your kinks were able to maintain moisture while in the protective style, a recharge is always a nice idea.



once you’ve finished your deep conditioning treatment, follow up with a leave-in conditioner and styling cream to get your hair ready for whatever hairstyle you’ll be rocking next.

soooo, tell us, ready to protect your glorious 4C hair? let us know which protective style is your fav down below!

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Delores Jones

I’m tenderheaded so the silky slip is refreshing and easy on my scalp. To say I love my soft moisturized curls is an understatement. ❤

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